Quaterna® Terra100

Improve your soil fertility and increase your humus production
(NFU 44-051 compliant)


Quaterna® Terra100 is a type of soil conditioner that allows humification of all organic forms found in soil for conventional farms. The rapid production of humus increases the clay-hum cus-complexes and soil fertility. It naturally replaces P/K fertilization, liming and reduces mineral nitrogen fertilization.



Quaterna® Terra100 recycles the mineral elements that are not absorbed by the plant. It increases the humus content in your soil and provides the nutrients necessary for the plant, when the plant needs them, to enable optimal growth and a stable yield can be achieved.


Economic & environmental benefits for agriculture and the environment :

  • Optimization of your incomes
  • Improvement of soil structure and soil fertility
  • Increased resistance to drought stress
  • Better root penetration, increased fine root growth
  • saving of mineral fertilization, better utilization of organic fertilization
  • Optimization of nitrogen management
  • Guaranteed improved palatability of the grass
  • Reduction of leaching losses, e.g. from nitrate


A concept of economical fertilization in line with the environment

  • Increased coverage amount
  • Improved biodiversity
  • Upgrading your farm manure
  • Reduced washout losses
  • Improved soil fertility
  • Improved reabsorption of nutrients by the plant
  • Replaces any further fertilizer
  • Improved nitrogen management
  • carbon sequestration