APPLICATION of Quaterna® Activa 500

1 kg Quaterna® Activa 500 / m³ manure or slurry corresponds to 2 kg per animal of 600kg and month for an output of 20 to 30 m³ / ha. Application by hand or mechanically.

 Deep litter stable or slatted floor:
The complete dose divided into 2 doses:

  • 1/3 at the beginning of the stabling or at the first bedding in
  • 2/3 shortly before stall or clean out
  • If you want to improve extreme stable conditions, divide the total dose as follows:
  • 1/3 at the beginning of the stabling or at the first bedding in
  • 1/3 evenly distributed during the entire stable period (weekly or daily)
  • 1/3 shortly before stall or clean-out


Handling of the slurry tank and the slurry pit:
Stir the container/pit shortly before and during the application of Quaterna® Activa 500. Divide the dose into 2 doses:

  • 1/3 at the beginning of the filling of the slurry tank
  • 2/3 shortly before spreading the liquid manure

Note : Be sure to stir the container when adding Quaterna® to the container. You can also suck Quaterna® Activa 500 dry directly into the slurry tank.

Application on a system with dung scraper:

  • Weekly application
  • With a straw quantity of more than 2.5 kg/cow/day -> output 1x per week (quantity = total quantity/number of weeks)

If the amount of straw is less than 2.5 kg/cow/day -> better spread Quaterna® Terra on the field

Application in poultry houses : 
Spreading of 1 kg/m³ 10 days after stabling. Complete the total dose to 2 kg/m³ shortly before stabling.

Do not apply together with antiseptic agents: Superphosphate, quicklime, disinfectants… In case of disinfection, Quaterna® Activa 500 should be applied 15 days later.

Application in a pig stable :
100 to 120 g / fattening pig / compartment. Start 15 days after the animals have been housed. Beware of stable desinfection.