Quaterna® Activa

Increase the value of your manure and slurry and transform it quickl and biologically into humus!
Quaterna® Activa und Quaterna® Activa 500
Quaterna® Activa and Quaterna® Activa 500

Quaterna® Activa is a composting additive for composting organic manure, consisting of natural minerals and selected plant composts of the Marcel Mézy Technology®Quaterna® Activa improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your manure and quickly activates the biological transformation of your slurry and manure into humus.



  • Activates the humification of your manure and slurry
  • Improves the fertiliser value of your farm manure
  • Reduces washout losses

The mineral elements contained in manure are attached to the clay-humus complexes and can be absorbed when the plant has a need. Gaseous losses and washout losses are thus prevented. The plant is fed according to demand and does not find itself in a deficiency situation. Stable yields with good qualities are thus ensured.

Economic & environmental benefits for agriculture and the environment :  

  • Reduced washout losses
  • Upgrading of manure (slurry, manure, fermentation substrate, plant residues)
  • Improved nutrient uptake by the plants
  • Saving of mineral fertilizers and other additives
  • Optimisation of nitrogen management
  • Reorganization of the different nitrogen fractions of the manure
  • Better palatability of the grass
  • Improvement of the soil structure
  • Improved resistance of plants to drought stress



With Quaterna® Activa you achieve clearly visible effects in your stables due to..:

  • reduced release of ammonia nitrogen –
  • less odour
  • easier application of the manure
  • Prevention of sinking and floating layers in liquid manure
  • aerobic conversion of manure
Marcel Mézy, der Erfinder, mit Quaterna(R) Activa behandeltem Mist
Marcel Mézy, der Erfinder, mit Quaterna(R) Activa behandeltem Mist


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