Mode of Action

The humus content in the soil determines the natural soil fertility.

The higher the humus content, the more alive your soil is and the better are its conditions.



Mode of action of Quaterna® in soil:

Offer your plants a healthy, living soil.

Their soil is a living ecosystem. Its natural fertility depends on the quantity and quality of humus. Quaterna®‘s mode of action allows your soil to be well nourished, to develope its humus content further and to supply the plants with natural and needs-based nutrients. On the other hand, this is not possible with mineral fertilization, as it has a negative effect on soil life and the plants cannot optimal regulate their nutrient balance due to their physiological conditions.

With Quaterna®, plants have the ability to absorb only the nutrients they need to grow evenly, become stronger and more resistant to diseases throughout the growing season.

Thanks to this natural build-up of humus in your soil, its structure will improve. The soil pore volume increases and the soil becomes more supple and porous. This makes it easier for the plants to develop good root growth even in deeper layers. As a farmer, you benefit from the increased porosity, as the soil can absorb and store the water better, so that dry and water stress situations for the plants are avoided. Economically, you benefit from reduced irrigation and simplified tillage.

This basic principle is valid for all crops: arable farming, viticulture, grassland, fruit and vegetables, flowers, shrubs, forest…

It can be used both indoors and outdoors: in greenhouses, in pots, planters, houseplants, etc. …

yield + quality = nutritional value and taste
  • Stable yields with good qualities
  • Greater resistance to disease and drought
  • Better storage of the crop (fruit, vegetables, potatoes, etc.)
  • Less nitrate in vegetables and potatoes
  • Better taste and nutritional value