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Quality of agricultural products – landscape appearance – stable yields – autonomous production, environmental protection through the conservation of our water reserves.

Pioneer and trailblazer – for more than 20 years Marcel Mézy‘s concept has been provided the solution for agricultural businesses so that they are well set up for the future. To this day, we do not know of any other functional method that produces humus so quickly, regardless of soil type and climate. According to experts, Marcel Mézy‘s discovery is the third agricultural revolution to this day.

The challenge has arrived! “If humus disappears, man disappears, too,” says Marcel Mézy. SOBAC supports this aim with a new form of agriculture, productive and ecological, in which the farmer finds his pride and freedom, in which he can be a farmer and feed humanity healthily, so that the earth can feed the population healthily and sufficiently.

We invite you to join us, “For the soil and for a long time”.