Quaterna® Activa 500

(compost starter consisting of natural minerals and selected natural plant composts of the Marcel Mézy Technology®)

 Improves the efficiency of farmyard fertilizers. Activates a rapid biological conversion of slurry and manure into humus.
The product is approved for organic farming according to CEE 834/2007.



Quaterna® Activa 500 is a composting additive that rapidly huminifies manure and slurry and improves their fertilising effect. The mineral elements from the manure are bound to clay-humus complexes and then released to these when the plant needs them. Gaseous losses and washout losses are reduced. The plants can be nourished over the entire period according to need and in a balanced way.


Positive for breeders and animals
  • Improvement of the stable climate (less ammonia, less odour)
  • Saving of time
  • Easy to use
  • Drier bedding
  • Less sinking and floating layers in the slurry
Economy in harmony with the environment
  • Higher contribution margin
  • Reduced washout losses
  • reduced gaseous losses
  • Upgrading of the manure, better rotting
  • Reduction of the distance rules for application
  • Natural composting of manure
  • Better nutrient availability for the plants
  • Replacement of mineral fertilizers and other additives
  • Optimization of nitrogen availability

to download:
Flyer Quaterna® Activa500