Quaterna® Activa and Quaterna® Activa 500 can already be used in the stables. There are several possibilities here. Either the product is sprinkled directly into the cubicles, distributed over the gaps, sprinkled onto the bedding or into the pre-pit. Furthermore there is the possibility to put it directly into the slurry tank or to suck it into the slurry barrel.

Manure rots better, the slurry becomes more homogeneous and floating or sinking layers are reduced.

The frequency of use can be determined individually for each farm. The longer Quaterna® works for you in the stable or in the storage containers, the more washout and storage losses can be reduced on your farm, the better your barn climate is, which in turn has a positive effect on animal health. However, the effect of the product on the surfaces can also be seen in the case of short-term application in the manure before it is applied.